What is this blog going to be about, you ask?

I ask myself the same question, quite honestly. Who is going to be interested enough to read what I have to say? Well, we will soon see.

But here are things that I want to be thinking and writing about:

Teaching and Learning- how does learning happen and what is Good education. After 15 years of teaching and learning, I know something about what makes for effective education and how learning and transformation happens. I am a Dewey-ian, so I believe in education that is about growth for positive purpose. And I want to use this blog to share some of my thoughts about good education. Usually that is experiential education, but not always.

Coaching and Personal Growth – how can we all become more effective at the things we want to be effective at? What can I do, as a coach, to help my clients see themselves more clearly and be the best they can be? I will be thinking about some coaching-related issues and topics in this blog.

The Jewish Community and Jewish non-profits, in particular

Israel, the US, Europe – being a triangulated person with roots (and passports) in all three places, I will ruminate on nationality, identity, Jewish peoplehood, and the realities of always feeling like I am never at home.

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