• ┬áDo you want to expand your capacities and potential for success?
  • Are you facing challenges at work that you haven’t encountered before?
  • Do you have a vision for your own leadership that you want to achieve?

If you answered any of these questions affirmatively, you could benefit from a customized program of coaching. Through coaching you will gain new insights, skills and techniques that will help you manage change, whether it be a new role, a new challenge, or a new team.

My coaching style is reflective of the key values that guide all my work; trust and mutual respect in the creation of meaningful and honest relationships; passion for making change in the world; and commitment to being the most effective change agent possible. In order to bring these values into my coaching relationships I create an environment of listening, support and trust. I listen intently to what my clients say, and to what they don’t. And then, working with them, in partnership and collaboration, we set forth on a journey through which I help them appreciate, understand and navigate their environment and their own strengths and challenges, in service of their goals. Along the way they gain new self-understandings, develop a new repertoire of skills and become more effective leaders.